Aneta Horka

My name is Aneta Horka and I am a graphic designer originally from Prague, Czech Republic. I seek to create simple, yet bold designs. I most enjoy working on projects that combine both physical and digital together. I love when every element within a project has a meaning and that is what I am trying to achieve in every work I do.

  1. Habit Hack: The Habit Hack is a habit challenge flip calendar that helps the users to get the best out of their body and make it more healthy by introducing twenty habits with science-based tools and tips. The user can label habits with a wooden page label or use vellum pages at the end to write notes.
  2. Habit Hack app: By scanning the QR codes on every habit page the user will reveal extra features and materials within the Habit Hack app. The app allows the user to track their progress, compete with other users, read articles, watch guidance videos or take part in life challenges.
  3. Alitura brand identity: A brand identity for a fictional company Alitura making solid toothpaste tablets. I have created Alitura's logo and tagline, brand guidelines, sustainable bamboo packaging for tablets, fabric stickers for flavour labeling, recycled paper sacks for tablets, brand launch strategy, brand values, and promises.

For more information:
Instagram: @aneta_horka_graphic_designer
Linkedin: Aneta Horka